What is your “free food program”?

After you buy 12 bags of the same brand and size, you will get your 13th bag free. You can purchase different flavours, but the brand and size must be the same. When you sign up to be in our system, your buyer program progress is automatically tracked for you.

When is my free bag?

When you are in the store we can tell you when your free bag is before or during your transaction. Buyer program progress is printed at the bottom of your receipt. You can also download the Global Pet Foods app from the app store and track your transactions and buyer program progress.

I set up my Frequent Buyer Card at another location, can I use it at your store?

Absolutely! No matter which Global Pet Foods you buy your food at the bags will be added to your buyer program. All you need to do is have your Frequent Buyer Card scanned or provide the phone number linked to your account when making a purchase.

Can I return an open bag of pet food?

You must have a receipt and return the opened bag within 30 days of purchase. See store for full details.

Do you sell gift cards?


Do you sell animals?


Can you bring in items you don’t currently have?

Yes! If you are interested in a product that you do not see in the store, please just ask us about it. As long as one of our distributors carries it, we are more than happy to bring it in for you!

Weight Control

If your pet is overweight, it is best to start with reducing the daily food portion. When consulting the feeding guideline on your food bag, make sure you are feeding based on your pet’s ideal weight, not his current weight. Remember that it is only a guideline, so you can feed less than the suggested amount. If this is not enough for your pet to lose weight you may need to switch to a weight management or a senior food. Most senior food formulas also double as weight management foods.

Joint Support

We offer many different options for joint care supplements. Most joint specific supplements have different strengths ranging from preventative/maintenance to therapeutic dosages. Your dog’s size, breed, health history, and age will all be factors in which joint formula will work best for him. We have products which come in varying forms as well, including oils, powders, pills, and treats, depending on your and your dog’s preference.

Trending concerns re: grain free foods

In recent times the FDA suspects a link between high quantities of legumes and taurine deficiency in canines. It is not the lack of grains that is the issue, but the high quantity of legumes typically found in grain free formulas. At this time, it is unclear exactly how the legumes are affecting taurine levels, but there are two common theories. The first theory is that foods with large amounts of legumes do not contain much meat. Low amounts of meat means a food is lacking the ingredients which contain adequate amounts of taurine, making the diet too low in taurine. The second possible explanation is that legumes are blocking the body’s ability to absorb taurine. There is no definitive link or answer as of yet. If you are concerned about your dog’s taurine please have your vet check his taurine levels and proceed from there.

Dog/cat won’t eat

There are many reasons a pet may not eat. Be sure to rule out a possible underlying health problem by examining the rest of their behavior/condition. The next question is how fresh is your current bag of food? Once opened a bag’s optimal freshness is maintained for about a month. After a month the oils in the food can go rancid and the kibble becomes stale. If your bag is lasting for more than a month you may want to purchase smaller bags or keep excess kibble in your freezer to extend the freshness. If you keep your kibble in a bin, make sure to empty and clean the bin before putting a new bag in so that you are not putting new kibble on top of old oil which has collected at the bottom of the bin.
If your pet has been on the same food for a long time, he may simply be bored. You can try adding a topper to the food such as a meal mixer to make it more enticing. If that is not enough, you may want to switch brands to one that is designed to be rotational. Rotational diets allow you to give your pet a new flavour each bag without digestive upset.

What makes some food better than others?

Choosing a new food can be confusing with all of the options available. Generally a good rule to follow is to avoid any foods containing corn, wheat, and soy. These are cheap fillers typically found in lower quantity foods. The first ingredient should be a named meat. You should be suspicious of foods which have items in their ingredient list such as “poultry meal” or “animal liver”. It is preferable to see the specific animal listed such as “chicken meal” and “beef liver”. It is also best to avoid food that contain by-products. By-products could be any part of the animal and are of inferior quality.
Feeding your pet a high quality food will help them to live a healthy life. Healthy pets have a better coat, body condition, more energy and smaller stool. Stool size and frequency is a good indicator of how much of your pet’s food is being used by his body versus how much is being excreted.