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Global Pet Foods, Mar 25, 2019

By Susan

Does it feel like you went to get that cute, adorable #bestpuppyever and that same puppy morphed into an actual land-shark?  Does it feel like you spend your day having to constantly rescue  your Jimmy Choos  and/or your hands, shins, baby – Ad infinitum from the puppy’s unending need to shred items with that mouthful of  carpet knives we call puppy teeth?

Welcome to the teething stage of puppies.  It’s normal and it is inevitable!  However, it doesn’t have to be a hair-pulling ordeal on your part.  We can help.

Nature endowed puppies with the need to chew during this crucial growth stage to ensure the puppy would build the strong teeth and jaw that would be needed to survive as the carnivore he is.  Raw bones were a part of this development in that the pup could satisfy the need to chew to develop muscle and access crucial nutrients that the raw bones provide.

At Global Pet Foods we do carry a large range of raw bones for all size dogs and pups.  We also carry many other items to help you get pup through this stage of development.

We have to name a few: raw bones, dehydrated bones, Java wood, antlers, horns, and many toys such as the Kong, that were designed to help with teething and chewing drive in your dogs and pups. BTW – if you have used a Kong before and thought “meh”, come on down and let us introduce you to new ways to use a Kong (and/or many of the aforementioned items.)

Ask to speak to our trainer as well for behavioural tips to redirect little Fido from destructive chewing to appropriate use of those teeth.

We are here to help!  Also, just btw , we love puppies -so bring the little fella/gal on down and we can all work together to help make this inevitable and critical development stage enjoyable and valuable for everyone in the family- Fido too of course!

Hope to see you soon.

P.S.  if you do have the $200(0) Jimmys- might want to put them up for now.